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Understanding Computer Organization: A Guide to Principles Across RISC-V, ARM Cortex, and Intel Architectures

English | 11 August 2024 | ISBN-10: 3031580745 | 310 pages| PDF | 6 MB

This textbook unlocks modern computer organizations’ secrets, with real-world examples from RISC-V, ARM, and Intel-based computer systems. The guide provides a comprehensive yet accessible explanation of fundamental principles and components and serves as a gateway to mastering the interplay between hardware and software. It demystifies complex concepts and provides clear explanations and practical insights into their roles in computing systems.
Topics and features
Provides comprehensive coverage of computer organization principles across three major architectures (RISC-V, ARM Cortex, and Intel), ensuring a broad understanding of modern computing
Includes numerous practical explanations using real-world examples from each architecture, offering hands-on insights into memory-mapped I/O, interrupts, DMA, and various memory technologies
Presents detailed exploration of diverse components such as interrupts and their usage, interrupt controllers, DMA transfers, and DMA controllers
Offers exploration of DDRx SDRAM memory, SDRAM controllers, DIMM modules, caches, and virtual memory
Concise and yet thorough, this useful textbook/guide equips readers with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of computer organization, making it essential reading for students and professionals.



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