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I Want Him to Want Me: How to Respond When Your Husband Doesn’t Want Sex

English | 2024 | ISBN: 1646070771 | 208 pages | True EPUB | 7.56 MB

Do you want sexual intimacy with your husband more than he does?
In a society that often paints men as the sole pursuers of sexual desire, countless wives silently struggle with unmet needs and unanswered questions. Many women have carried the weight of shame and confusion, longing for connection while feeling rejected by their husbands.
Licensed clinical professional counselor Sheri Mueller shares valuable insights into the underlying dynamics at play in such situations. She delves into the complex emotional and psychological factors that contribute to husbands turning away from their wives, dispelling misconceptions and offering a fresh perspective on these delicate issues.
the truth about intimacy struggles and why a husband might turn away;communication strategies about a woman’s sexual needs and desires;practical steps to foster an atmosphere of trust, vulnerability, and mutual understanding;self-care techniques to boost self-esteem and cultivate a positive body image; andexercises and activities to revive sexual passion.I Want Him to Want Me challenges traditional assumptions and provides women with tools to reclaim their sexual agency, rebuild intimacy, and find healing within their marriages.



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